Thank you for your prayer yesterday. We waited to see if there were any warnings on the news, heard that things were under control, prayed and went out to Cambuim and Kilometer 6. All went well and we had a great day with the kids in both favelas. It’s always a thrill when they see us and start running alongside the truck.

The situation here on the streets is being controlled by troops that were sent in yesterday, with more promised for today and tomorrow. Lord willing, we go out this afternoon to the 8 de Março and Leningrado favelas, with 500 more sandwiches, 60 liters of juice and the Word.

Here are some photos from yesterday. David and Hannah Prins are here. We are loving their company and are so thankful for the fellowship and the help.







Kilometer 6

Ready for a day in the favelas – heading to Kilometer 6 today, 350 sandwiches in tow.


Feeding Kilometer Six

More pictures from Kilometer Six

Real Reality TV!

The day we were followed by the TV crew at Kilometer Six

Kilometer Six

Here are the photographs of a new favela- Kilometer Six that one our street kids brought us to.
waiting for food and juice
main road. An old banner, advertising a mobile company’s newest deal, makes up the front wall of a house, across the “street”
livestock pen
entrance to a house
down a side street
animals roam inside, and outside, the houses
A river runs through it…it’s sewage.
one row of houses
inside the house of one of our boys from Ponta Negra. Six people live here. Four sleep on the bed, one in the hammock….
and our boy sleeps on the dirt floor
just down the lane
This one looks good to me; it’s made with better materials.
a door without a house….yet
sitting on the banks of the sewage stream
They are filthy. There is no running water. They have no shoes. They are covered with sores and rashes, they are malnourished, filled with lice and bichus in their feet.
living room
Side street