From the Streets to the Favelas


Visiting the favelas is the primary work with the street kids now. Many who we used to stop and see throughout the city have abandoned their posts on street corners. We aren’t sure why, but they seem to have moved on. The street work was our door in. Now instead of eight or nine street stops, we visit the favelas. It started with Cambuim and Kilometer Six. One of the kids invited us, asked us to bring sandwiches and juice. From there we met other kids, other families. We’ve been invited to new favelas, slums that these men and women and children call home.


The food, that is secondary. That helped us to build trust. That led us to this place now where we can come into slums that most people don’t know exist, don’t care to know. And perhaps we would never have imagined coming into these places, but His ways are not our ways and we thank Him for that.

Cícero Sees Again


Cícero’s eyes were clouded with glaucoma. Unable to get to a doctor, or to even know where to find the right doctor for his eyes, this older man was resigned to living with blindness. But a trip to the eye doctor and he was diagnosed, treated, and now he can see again. Cícero’s wife is next in line for eye surgery. Her eyes are just as clouded with glaucoma. But, Lord willing, she’ll be treated soon too.

Kilometer Six

Here are the photographs of a new favela- Kilometer Six that one our street kids brought us to.
waiting for food and juice
main road. An old banner, advertising a mobile company’s newest deal, makes up the front wall of a house, across the “street”
livestock pen
entrance to a house
down a side street
animals roam inside, and outside, the houses
A river runs through it…it’s sewage.
one row of houses
inside the house of one of our boys from Ponta Negra. Six people live here. Four sleep on the bed, one in the hammock….
and our boy sleeps on the dirt floor
just down the lane
This one looks good to me; it’s made with better materials.
a door without a house….yet
sitting on the banks of the sewage stream
They are filthy. There is no running water. They have no shoes. They are covered with sores and rashes, they are malnourished, filled with lice and bichus in their feet.
living room
Side street