Seeing God at Work

Mark and I spent the morning with Cleide. Here she is in the doorway of the new Lar, which is almost ready for them to move in. They need to be ready on April 1st, as their present rent is up.

We pulled in and she came out very quickly. The stress of building four, quite large, buildings has driven her without end to her knees. Once more, we showed up just at the right time- an affirmation of God’s great care for her.

She woke feeling worried and read the following passage:

Don’t worry—I am with you. Don’t be afraid—I am your God. I will make you strong and help you. I will support you with my right hand that brings victory. (Isaiah 41:10 ERV)

She needed to rent metal supports for cement, but was without the funds. They cost 70 centavos (35 cents) per day and she needed 20 for 20 days. Without this rental, the workers would be at a standstill. The building team itself is a donation from a large construction company.

So, off we went to rent the supports. The rental came to R$280, and Mark and I had a total of R$250 (beyond the budgeted funds) in our pockets. The man said he would give us a discount and our total came to–R$250!

We then went to order eight interior doors for the first house. Until the other buildings are built, boys and girls will be living in the first house, so doors are a must.

The door in the photo below is the one VL bought. The middle section isn’t hung yet.


What struck me–again!–so forcefully was her admission: “I have not bought a single thing for these four buildings. Not one nail! All the materials have been donated by people, companies, strangers who arrive here from Europe. I have no car, but all these materials come to me.”

This is God’s Work. And we get nervous and anxious all the time. But we do not need to be. So gently He reminds us of His Promises, through His Word; then He backs it up with His action. Cleide and Mark and I got to be there to see Him at work.