Caring for the Animals



Every horse and donkey here has a burn on its nose from the heat and pressure of the metal noseband it wears, working all day. Here are the first 3, of hopefully many more, that I’ve been able to fit with a cotton piece that velcros over the metal, to protect the animals’ noses.




And of course, this lends the opportunity to send them on their way with a Bible in hand!



Getting Ready for Market



Prepping veggies for the feira (market) is a family affair in Aningas. Here, the boys sit on Natalia’s porch, peeling mandioca to sell later this week.


*Daily Life update from Stephanie

On the Streets

This is Francisco. He’s still living on the streets, but he’s been clean from drugs and alcohol for a year. His friends call him Coruja – owl.



Windshield washing at Igapó.



Evanilson walks away with juice and sandwich in hand. Last week, one of the guys smuggled marijuana into the rehab and Evanilson took some. Both he and the other man were kicked out. So he’s back on the street, only fifteen years old.



On the streets, Lori and Natalia hand out the Word when the traffic lights turn red.



Kilometer 6

Ready for a day in the favelas – heading to Kilometer 6 today, 350 sandwiches in tow.


Gospel in the Galpão – Parable of the Lost Coin

Layane counted the coins in Andrew’s hand and realized she had lost one. We turned off the lights and began to search, using flashlights.


Once the lost coin was recovered, we explained the parable to the kids.


We asked questions after the lesson and kids who answered correctly got to bowl for a prize.



A woman from Cambuim named Jeane injured her foot in a motorcycle accident last week. She went to the hospital and got eight stitches for the wound, but back in Cambuim, it became infected. When she returned to the hospital, they simply removed the stitches and left her with the open wound.


Lori cleaned out the cut, applied an antibiotic cream and bandaged her foot. She professes to be saved and told Lori that God has helped her to overcome the pain.


When we leave, she sits with her husband, son, and their pet goat just inside the doorway to their home.


Andrew is filling containers with antibiotic cream for the favelas.

Children of Cambuim

One girl shows us her kittens and another watches curiously as we talk to their families and distribute de-wormer medicine for the kids.




Rita’s Dad

Rita’s dad was in an accident last week and injured his leg. We took him to the clinic today for a checkup appointment, along with his wife, Cida, Rita, and little Joana (everyone calls her “Jú”). The doctor came and took a blood sample in the car, and then we waited for some paperwork.


foto 1


foto 2


foto 3

Renato at Work

Renato helps a customer at the pet shop where he works. He bikes there at 5:30am and gets back to the rehab around 6:30pm. He keeps his Bible on the counter and reads when business is slow.

photo 1


photo 2


photo 3



The people in Cambuim built a bridge to cross the river.



Old MacDonald’s farm, come to life in Cambuim with donkeys, horses, pigs, chickens, cats and dogs.




A little boy plays in the afternoon sun; Cambuim is his sand box.