A Prayer Request

Lord willing, we are breaking up into 3 classes in Aningas tonight!

Ages 7 and under: Mark
Ages 8-15: Caroline
Ages 16 and up: Lori
Please pray for this. Mark is solo in Portuguese, which he’s apprehensive about, and Caroline will have to prepare a message each week, which is a big responsibility.

My class will consist of the five girls that we do so much with, Joab, Nildete and Valda, all of whom profess to be saved! First, I’d like to hear their testimonies, again, and then, we should study Baptism.

This idea came from a family discussion this morning about how we could change Sunday nights’ content, making it better for the kids. It has started to feel stagnant and, if you’ve visited, you know that the littler kids wander around and distract the older kids and us!



I’m excited about the change because I get to teach my favorite age group, Mark will be speaking on his own which will be great for him, and each child will get more attention.

Please pray for Sunday nights in Aningas.

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