An Answer to Prayer

I’ve been wondering these past two weeks: how am I going to find a neurologist to help Rayane? If you remember, my last post about Rayane’s case detailed my visit to the government facility, CRI.

Not wanting to wait for another month, for the chance at an appointment with a neurologist, I parked the car in Tirol–the private clinic neighborhood of Natal–and started going clinic to clinic, asking for help. At one clinic, I diverted my focus and made an appointment for Mark to have a check-up. Then, I continued on, and spent two rather discouraging days trying to find a caring sort, with no success.

Mark’s appointment came around this morning, and we went. We both immediately liked Doctor Madalena. So, because I can be a broken record when I get something on my mind, at the end of the appointment, I asked her for her help in finding a Doctor to help Rayane.
“Me!” she said “I’m the person you need. This is my passion and my volunteer work; I work with 50 autistic people. As a matter of fact, I just bought a large house, so I can take more people in.”

We have an appointment next Monday, Lord willing, for her to meet Rayane and review Rayane’s test results

Then, we left her office and I received a text message saying, “Just prayed for you to find a Doctor for Rayane.”

I’m not surprised, really I’m not. God never stops amazing me. But I am feeling thrilled and proud to be His and belong to His Family. And I do wish that every moment of my days was filled with this sense of His leadership and His Presence.

Please continue to pray. It really does work. Be encouraged in Him today.

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