Francisca is a 53-year-old woman from Aningas. She asked us for help two years ago. She wasn’t feeling well and she had a problem with her skin.

We made an appointment with a dermatologist, but on the day of the appointment she told us she wasn’t going. She was going to the witch doctor and he was going to cure her. She has spent these two years worshiping Satan and performing black magic.

Last month, when Noreen and Gayle and Elisabeth were here, Francisca sent word that she wanted to see us. She begged for help and said she was so deceived by the witch doctor. She said that she wants God’s help now.

She is hardly able to stand and her appearance is frightening. We have no idea where to start, but we took a few pictures so we can show a doctor.


We are praying with her and spending time with her. Her greatest need is her soul’s salvation. The Enemy of her soul is strong. But God is stronger.

Please pray for her.

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