Rehab Update

We just took three boys to the rehab on Thursday. Two had already been and done the program. Without God they couldn’t resist the wicked one and returned to the ways of the street.  They begged us to take them out of the drug-infested neighborhood they were in, and give them another chance at the rehab.

I’ve been struck lately reading through Samuel and Kings that our God is the God of the “do-over.” Even in Solomon’s prayer, dedicating the temple, He asked God to forgive his people’s sins. He as much as says that when they sin, (because as sinners they are going to sin) recognize the hand of God in discipline, and cry to God for forgiveness, that God forgive them, pick them back up, and start over with them. If that’s God method of dealing with our great falls, then that’s how we ought to handle one another. When these boys come to us asking to go back to the rehab everything in me says no. “We’ve invested enough time and money in you. It’s someone else’s turn.” But the still small voice comes to my heart reminding me that I represent God and that’s not God’s method.

On our last visit to the clinic we received news that the property owner has given Murillo notice. He wants him and the rehab off of his property. Lori and I have been concerned about this and have asked, only to be told that they had a long-term lease. Well it now seems that the lease was not iron-clad and can be broken.  This is something that we need to pray fervently for. Murillo has no place to go. Presently he has over sixty men recovering and no plan B. We need to bring this before God expectantly, remembering that the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much (James 5:6). We found out not too long ago that the father of William’s best friend in school is the owner of this property. Lori and I intend to approach him on the matter. Pray that God goes before us to prepare the ground. Pray as well that God gives us wisdom to best represent Him in this matter.

While at the clinic Thursday I caught a glimpse of Carlos. He was sweeping up the dining area. Every time I see this man I think of the day we literally picked him up off the street and brought him to the rehab. He’s a quiet man of about thirty-five. Whenever we would arrive at his stop he would always stand in the background. He would quietly listen to others as they would tell of their struggles with Satan’s vices. He’s so quiet that we hardly missed him, and he had been gone for some time. When finally we asked, we were told that he had been in the hospital. It seems his drinking had brought him to the point where only the doctors could save his life. They made it quite clear to him, as he left the hospital, that another drink would likely claim his life. Now here he was, back at his stop, and falling down drunk.

His friends pleaded with us to get him where he could get help. We had never before taken anyone who hadn’t asked for help. This case had become a lifesaving mission, and we needed to make an exception. I got him into the car. He didn’t even know where he was. He slobbered and mumbled senselessly all the way to the clinic. When we arrived he couldn’t even get himself out of the car and up to the admittance door. Even today his rehab friends mimic his state that day he arrived. They stumble around, holding onto one another while he watches and laughs.

Lori and I have been waiting for ten months now. We wanted so much to hear that he had recognized God, and given God the credit for his recovery. A few weeks ago we were telling him about the boys who had asked to come back. ” It’s not impossible,” he said, ” it can be done, but only with the help and power of God.” Pray for Carlos. He’s afraid to leave. He knows what’s waiting outside the walls of the rehab. We have encouraged him to stay put until we find a safer place for him to live and something for him to do. These boys can’t go back to the streets. They need a place to go, they need to be occupied with work, and most of all they need to be in a place where the influence of God is all around them.


“Pray without ceasing…” (1 Thess. 5:17). 


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