Prayer Request – Baby Michel

(Maria & Baby Michel)

Michel Vieira dos Santos
Michel is just 24 months old. He was born with a hole in his heart and has been waiting for his surgery since his birth. Many of you have prayed for this child for months, agonizing with us as his tiny body struggled to breathe, turned more and more purple, and failed to grow. Last July, when we first arrived, we started to help his mom get the paperwork, tests, and approvals necessary for the government to authorize the surgery to save his life. If we were not so involved with this process, I would have a hard time believing the obstacles that arose at every turn during the past 11 months. But this past weekend, Michel’s mom, Maria, received the call summoning Michel to Natal, to the Hospital Promater, for surgery.
Yesterday, he was admitted to the hospital and a few final tests were done. This morning, I arrived at the hospital just in time to see Maria walking done the stairs toward me. She saw me and started to cry a little harder.
I’m lost,” she said. “I can’t find my way back to the room.”
“How wonderful of God to get me here just at the right time,” I told her as I hugged her.
We walked back to the room together and I stayed with her for a little while. We called the family in Aningas and gave them the news and then, together with the two other moms in the room and their two children, we closed our eyes and we spoke with the Great Physician. We asked Him to guide the surgeons as they operated on Michel. And we asked Him to watch over baby Sara, who would have the same surgery after Michel, and João, scheduled for surgery tomorrow.
Please pray for Michel and Sara and João. Pray for the three moms, sitting in that little room and waiting. And waiting.
Thank you,

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