Reflection: Elizabeth Robbins-Wright

I didn’t choose Brazil…I wasn’t looking for an opportunity to do missions work or to serve. I didn’t even know about the work Mark and Lori were doing in Brazil until about two weeks before I committed to going. God brought the opportunity right to me, and then, in amazing ways, He made every provision. God brought me here, and He brought me here for a reason.

My perception of what my time in Brazil would look like before I arrived was entirely one-dimensional.  I thought I would be a practical help in the work in feeding the hungry, distributing clothes and other necessities to the needy, and of course speaking of God’s love. I was entirely unprepared for the profound effect it would have on me…how completely I would fall in love with what God is doing here, how complete I would feel in fully surrendering to God using me to convey His love, and how thoroughly my life would be changed by it all.

When I try to convey what I experienced in Brazil and the profound effect it had on me, my words seem so terribly inadequate. This area of Brazil is like no place I have ever been. It is a land of breathtaking beauty and abhorrent squalor; towering and exorbitant residential skyscrapers and rudimentary mud huts. The types of needs vary so greatly and yet they are the same. From the gospel meetings in the poor village of Aningas, to providing medical care within the favelas, to feeding the homeless, to seeing drug addicts through rehab–the underlying need is the same. There is an exceedingly great need for hope and love; their need for a Savior.


Showing God’s love and mercy to people who have lost all hope is a humbling and incredible feeling. To be God’s hands and feet took on a new meaning for me here in Brazil. It used to be about doing what God would want me to do. As I stepped back and humbled myself, God used me to do His will. It’s not really about what we do, but what God accomplishes through us–His love displayed. And there is no feeling like it, to be right where God wants you and to be used to proclaim Jesus’ love and mercy…to be used to bless others extravagantly.

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest”  (Matthew 9:37-8). 


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