Living in Safety

William was walking from school to the bus that he takes to go to the gym. The street was busy and plenty of people were around. But a man still came up to him, put a gun to his stomach and demanded his cell phone and his money. We were on the streets with sandwiches and the Word. Mark got a call from the school saying that William was in the office and he was OK. We talked to him and told him we’d be right there.

There we were, on the street. We just wanted to run to be with William. And the street kids asked us to pray with them. At that moment, I’m not sure that I was thinking clearly, but I’m thinking now about how we joined hands and stood in a circle and asked God to make Himself known to us. We asked for His care and His love and mercy to be shown to us and to our families.
I spent a few hours panicking inside, but now I’m telling God about how thankful I am for His care and His love and His mercy to William and Mark and Caroline and me.
Our lives are in His hands. I’m praying that He helps us to confidently trust Him with William’s safety and that He continually gives us His peace in our hearts. I need Him so much.

In peace I will both lie down and sleep, for You, Lord, alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust. (Psalm 4:8 AMP)


  1. Graças a Deus pelo grande livramento!

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