Prayer Request

Just got home. Looonnnng day. Brought Luiz to rehab after Igapó. There are 5 in! I think they are all serious. I’m so praying for the good soil.

Member the bicho de pe guy in Cambuim? He’s sitting at the rehab, shaking his head and saying, “This is no coincidence; this is God. I can’t believe He would do this for me.” His name is Edilson. He had a really difficult 3 days; he was shaking a lot.  I called this morning and he still had not eaten, but had a few bites at lunch. It’s been months since he ate regularly.

Today, one of the guys sat next to him and took 148 bichos out of his feet, one by one. (John 13:14) His feet are full of holes, he’s on amoxicillin, and I got a tube of ointment for him to keep them from getting bacteria and fungus.

Please pray for these five souls:

Isaías, 23, crack addict–Ponta Negra stop, lives in K-6 (deformed hand)

Luis-, 20, crack addict–Ponta Negra stop

Edilson, 50, Alcoholic–Cambuim

Manoel, 18, crack addict, Machadão stop. (deformed leg-was shot by police)

Mattias, 27, crack addict–(Bruno) 2nd time in.

I can’t stop from crying each time we drive up the dirt road to the rehab. Clessio.

The Father knows–Sorrow’s chains are heavy.
But Joy is a footfall away.

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