How Do I Love Thee

We’re winding down here, before our trip home on Thursday, but today and tomorrow are packed with lists that are Brazil-defying. We have thrown the gauntlet at the Northeastern Brazil culture and are ramping up for another whirlwind of activity today and tomorrow.
Mark and I have been thinking about the blessings that we have seen, in what will be one year’s time on 8 July.
Here are some things for which to give thanks:
1. Cleide and 20 kids flourishing….Spent hours there yesterday making salvation bracelets with the kids-to take to the streets with us tomorrow-and playing,  and singing S.S. choruses! The farm is immaculate, organized…..Pinch me, God is real! A new baby arrived while we were there; 2 days old, no name.
2. Clessio, at the rehab., is now preaching to me. He calls me to quote scripture and tell me what it says in the Bible.
3. The cleaning of the Orphanage-site is starting! The land looks beautiful.
4. The kids on the street truly see God in us and really know it’s love that constrains us. To God only be all the Glory.
5. We have had TWO Sunday night Gospel efforts at the newly remodeled Galpão. The girls estimated 100 people at the second, this past Sunday night! We sang our first hymn with everyone this second week. It was really pathetic; OK, worse than pathetic, but you have to start somewhere! One of the teenage girls who has been in the lessons Steph. and Katie have had for the past month, asked me to study the Bible with her and a group of interested teenage girls!
6. Sunday School lessons have been established on Tuesdays and Fridays at 1:00 p.m. in Aningas. A steady 30 kids have been attending for one month now.
7. You have been so faithful in prayer and support for God’s work here.
To quote Elizabeth Barrett Browning-with God in mind:

“How Do I Love THEE
Let me count the ways….”

They really are innumerable.
We’re sorry that we won’t be able to see many of you during the 2 short weeks that we’ll be home, but we love and appreciate your e-mails and thought, and we covet your prayer.

Mark and Lori

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